What Does In Transit To Destination Mean

The USPS periodically adjusts the wording that their tracking system uses. Currently, they seem to be preferring verbiage that says, “In Transit to Next Facility.”

When the USPS’s tracking system marks a piece of mail as “In Transit to Next Facility,” it’s actually just a placeholder message meaning, “We don’t have a more specific scan today, but rest assured, it’s en-route.” It shows up once a day when there has been no other scanning activity within the last 24 hours.

What Does In Transit To Destination Mean

It most commonly shows up on packages sent via Retail Ground (or Parcel Select, which is the equivalent ground service for commercial shippers), since trucks and trains can take several days to cross the country and move parcels from one hub (Processing and Distribution Center [P&DC] or Network Distribution Center [NDC]) to the next, so there can often be a couple days between scans. It can also happen with some Priority Mail shipments, since the USPS contracts with FedEx to fly Priority Mail between P&DC hubs, which can sometimes take 36 hours or so, and FedEx doesn’t scan individual USPS packages in the course of carrying USPS bags and containers around the country.

I suspect the USPS added logic to their system to automatically insert an “In Transit to Next Facility” record to assure customers that their items haven’t been lost or delayed and help to prevent frantic phone calls or emails to the USPS’s customer service line when a new tracking result hasn’t shown up for a day or two.

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I ship a lot of items to and from Alaska via Parcel Select and Media Mail, and those items spend about 8 days in transit between the Federal Way NDC and the Anchorage P&DC, since they travel by barge. The system only shows three “In Transit to Next Facility” records before it resorts to radio silence, and then the package finally (usually) gets scanned at the next facility on the 8th day.

Of course, it can also happen with some mailpieces that get missorted or lost. It seems the USPS has added logic to only show three “In Transit to Next Facility” records before giving up. Here’s a screenshot of a First Class Parcel Service package that was sent to me from Cleveland that took a very odd and circuitous route

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Under normal USPS routing practices, it should have gone straight from the Cleveland P&DC to the Kansas City P&DC (in a mail bag put either on a passenger carrier or FedEx) before heading to Ozark. Oddly, it seemed to bounce back and forth between Cleveland and Akron before arriving in Indianapolis—while Indy’s en-route between Cleveland and Missouri, First Class mail is usually flown directly from origin to destination and wouldn’t show up at an en-route facility like that.

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Anyway, it then showed up in the Springfield, MO “Distribution Center,” which is a few miles from its intended destination of my home, but the Springfield P&DC was closed several years ago and its operations are now handled in Kansas City, so that was odd. Then it proceeded to disappear for nearly two weeks. You can see the three “In Transit to Next Facility” records between March 11 and March 13, which then stop until the package finally made it to the destination post office on March 23. I guess they figure that after three days, the jig is up, and you’re probably not buying that it’s still moving (and maybe they’re OK with you calling to complain if it hasn’t actually been scanned in three days).

Certified Or Registered Mail

People have long been sending each other letters, cards, and gifts through the postal office. Even today when one can send letters and greetings through the internet which is received by the recipient in seconds, people still use the postal service for most of their mail.
It is the cheapest way to send not just letters but also important documents and parcels or packages. Many private logistics companies offer the same services as the postal office but most people still choose the latter for their mailing needs.

certified or registered mail

There are many services offered by the postal office. You can send your mail as regular mail, certified mail, or registered mail. Regular mail is the cheapest as you have to pay more for certified mail and registered mail. Here are other differences between certified and registered mail.

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Certified mail is a special service mail that provides the sender proof of billing and delivery, with a copy of the recipient’s signature upon delivery. A priority or first class mail can be sent as certified mail and is given a unique tracking number that serves as receipt and official record of mailing.

Certified mail is usually sent together with regular mail and is cheaper. If a return receipt is requested, the sender will have to pay an additional amount. Certified mail is not insured and you have to pay an additional amount if you want to have it insured.

It is usually used for business and government mail. Where, before the return receipt was mailed back to the sender after the recipient has signed it, today it is captured by the letter carrier and sent electronically.

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Registered mail is a mail service offered by the postal office that provides detailed records of the letter, packet, or other document’s location as it is transferred from one location to another. They are affixed with barcode registration labels enabling the sender to track his shipment online.

The process started in London in the mid-1500’s for state security purposes. Registered mail is sent separate from regular mail and takes longer to arrive to the recipient. It is also more expensive and is used to send valuables and important documents because it is more secure than other types of mail. It is also insured for up to $25,000.00.


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1. Certified mail provides a receipt for the sender and for an additional fee, will receive a copy of the recipient’s signature upon his receipt of the mail, while registered mail provides the sender a receipt and detailed records of his mail’s location.
2. The sender will know that his mail has reached the recipient upon the return of receipt, while registered mail can be tracked by the sender online, as every time the mail changes hands, it is logged.
3. Certified mail is cheaper, while registered mail costs more.
4. Certified mail is sent together with regular mail, while registered mail is sent separately.
5. Important documents and valuables are usually sent through registered mail because it is more secure than certified mail.
6. Registered mail is insured, while you have to pay an additional amount to insure certified mail.


US Postal Service Stamps

cap makes the World Stamp Indicate one of a kind is that this stamp event just happens like clockwork. The show draws stamp authorities, merchants, stamp exhibitors and mail conveyance associations, including the U.S. Postal service tracking number Administration, to the Jacob Javits Center in New York City, where this uber occasion is held.This year’s exceptionally foreseen occasion and expo happens May 28 –June 4 and is relied upon to draw in the vicinity of 250,000 and 300,000 guests from Around the globe. Participants will have the chance to purchase and offer stamps, and also find out about the most recent happenings in the realm of philately.What is philately?The investigation of postage stamps, income stamps,usps hours stamped envelopes, stamps, postal cards, covers, and comparative material identifying with postal or financial history.U.S. Postal Administration Everlastingly StampsEight new Perpetually Stamp® pictures joined by all the grandeur and situation encompassing First-Day-of-Issue occasions will be uncovered amid the show. Here is the summary so you don’t miss a thing.World Stamp Demonstrate 2016 Timetable Saturday, May 28 – Opening DayUSPS Head Promoting and Deals Officer James P. Cochrane will administer the main day-of-issue devotion of the “World Stamp Appear” stamp.Sunday, May 29USPS Boss Morals Officer Mike Elston will direct the principal day-of-issue devotion of the “Cancelation of the Stamp Demonstration 1776” stamp.Monday, May 30USPS General Insight Tom Marshall will administer the primary day-of-issue commitment of the “Respecting Phenomenal Gallantry The Administration Cross Decorations” stamp.Tuesday, May 31USPS Head Working Officer David Williams will direct the main day-of-issue commitment of the “Pluto Investigated!” stamp.Wednesday, June 1Janet Klug, Residents Stamp Consultative Board of trustees, will administer the main day-of-issue devotion of the “Works of art Perpetually” stamp.Thursday, June 2Chief Official Officer Megan J. Brennan will direct the primary day of issue “Observing National Stop Administration’s Centennial” stamps. This service will highlight a double stamp disclosing with remote uncover at Assateague National Seashore. The stamp function will be communicate and webcast live worldwide.Friday, June 3USPS Region Chief Elvin Mercado will administer the principal day-of-issue commitment of the “Brilliant Festivals” stamp.More Occasions and ActivitiesTo take in more about the extensive variety of fun and instructive occasions coming up this year, download the full 2016 World Stamp Demonstrate plan hereAdditionally, we need to make an online networking buzz encompassing the show by asking participants, philatelists – both national and global – alongside national stop lovers to utilize the accompanying hashtags:#WorldStampShow #WorldStampShowNYC2016 #NPSStamps #FindYourPark and #NPS100Be beyond any doubt to give a tweet @USPS or https://twitter.com/USPSThe U.S. Postal Administration is energized and pleased to take an interest in this tremendous stamp fabulous and anticipates seeing you there.

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How To Request USPS Hold Mail Service Online

Although we are now living in the computer (Internet) age and everything seems to be going paperless, certain people still insist on doing things the old fashioned way. But if you want to do a better job of saving precious time and money, you might want to start taking better advantage of the more efficient online services out there, if you aren’t already doing so. Services like postal delivery and mail forwarding can nowadays be effectively managed online without the necessity of having to perform an errand run to the post office.

Some of you may live within a short drive or even within walking distance of your neighborhood post office. But unfortunately in my case, my local post office is a bit of a distance away situated within the city center, and getting there frequently requires that I fight through road rage inducing traffic jams and suffer through depressingly long lines once I’ve arrived. While I’m sure the folks at the U.S. postal service (USPS) do the best they can under the circumstances, I pretty much avoid visiting the post office as best as I can – turning to the free USPS website to manage the bulk of my postal decisions whenever possible.

Put Your Mail On Hold For Free By Requesting USPS Hold Mail Service Online

Unless you have someone at home to receive your mail for you, those of you planning to be away for an extended period of time (3 days or more) on vacation or for a business trip may want to notify your local post office to put your mail on hold while you’re gone. While you can always visit your local post office, wade through the customer service lines, and fill out one of those Hold Mail paper card forms – the easiest way to put your mail on hold is via the Internet through the USPS homepage. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, the website is certainly the easiest way to process all of your mail routing submissions. Your hold mail request can even go into effect the same business day if you submit the request by 3:00 am EST.

Currently, the USPS offers consumers the ability to temporarily put home and business mail on hold for a minimum of 3 days, up to a maximum of 30 days. During the length of the hold period, the home resident or business owner’s letters and packages are held at the Post Office, with normal delivery not resuming in bulk until the date specified.

At the present time, the USPS hold mail feature is free, regardless of whether the request is submitted in person or online. But with the way the postal service is hemorrhaging money and now trying to cut costs and save money by closing out branches and cutting back on staff, I wouldn’t be too surprised if they started imposing a USPS hold mail surcharge of $1.00 or more for each request one of these days. But for now:

To submit a hold mail request online, visit the USPS Hold Mail Service web page. At the present time, you cannot put your mail on hold by phoning in your request.
On the Hold Mail page, enter your 5 digit zip code number in the Create a Request box and click on Go. Bear in mind, while the online hold mail service is available in most areas of the country, not all Zip codes will qualify.
Next, follow the displayed instructions by providing your name, mailing address, phone number, hold mail start date, as well as the date you would like your normal mail service to resume.
Remember to record your Confirmation Number. This number is important because you will need it to make any future changes to your online request – such as if you decide to cancel the order or you later decide that you will need your mail held for a longer period of time than initially requested.
If you anticipate being away for longer than 30 days, you may need to consider having your mail forwarded to another temporary address. While the online USPS Hold Mail service is free, requesting temporary mail forwarding or any other service that requires a formal address change requires the payment of a $1.00 online service fee. The USPS requires this $1.00 fee be charged to a valid credit card for identity confirmation purposes. While some people may find this small charge rather annoying and somewhat of a deterrent to using this web convenience, I find the tiny fee to be worth the benefit of not having to deal with the time and hassle of personally visiting my local post office branch. Don’t you agree this online service is still worth the nominal cost?

Alternatively for the super frugal cheapskates, you can always print out the paper Authorization to Hold Mail (PS Form 8076) manually and give it to your letter carrier or mail it to the post office that delivers your mail for free (minus the obligatory cost of postage).

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How To Put Your Mail On Hold When You Are Away

Decide when and for how long you want the post office to hold your mail.
The US post office will only hold mail for a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 30 days.
You must assign a starting and ending date to have mail held. Your mail carrier will not deliver mail on the starting date. Mail delivery will resume on the ending date.
Determine when to submit your hold mail request. You may not submit a request to hold mail more than 14 days in advance. If you submit your request over the phone or in person, the soonest date the request can take effect is 1 day in advance. Online requests submitted before 2 a.m. CST will take effect the same day.

Choose a method for requesting the USPS to hold your mail. You can submit your request to hold mail online, in person, or over the phone.

Submit your request online.
Go to the USPS website and select the option “Hold Mail” under the menu “Manage Your Mail.”
Enter your zip code into the designated field and click “Go.” Not all areas of the country have hold mail submission forms available online. If your area has access to the online form, the hold mail form webpage will load.
Fill in the empty fields with your personal information. You will need to provide your name, address, the beginning and ending dates for when you want the post office to hold your mail, and you will need to choose a method for receiving the accumulated mail.
Choose to have your carrier deliver the accumulated mail at the ending date if you do not want to pick up your mail from the post office.
Check the box to pick up mail at the post office if you want to get your mail in person.
Submit the completed form.
Print out the confirmation page for your records. Note your confirmation number as you will need to enter it if you want to edit or cancel your hold mail request online or over the phone.

Make your hold mail request over the phone.
Call the USPS customer service number Monday through Saturday.
Provide your personal information, start and end date you want the post office to hold mail, and your preferred method for receiving the accumulated mail at the end date.
Record your confirmation number, and place it in a safe place in case you wish to change or cancel your request to hold your mail.

Complete a hold mail request in person.
Go to your local post office during business hours.
Fill out PS Form 8076.
Submit the completed form to the clerk at the front desk. Keep the confirmation number for your hold mail request.

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